Thursday, February 19, 2009

Photo Updates

As requested- I have finally found the camera in all the boxes and can give you some beautiful photos of my beautiful baby girl! Isn't she the cutest? There are also some pictures from Christmas. Kyleigh opening her cabbage patch doll and one with her kitchen. The one of her in the bath is from her first bath at the new house!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Oh my gosh! Where have we been?

So, we have FINALLY moved! We have had a CRAZY past few months. We went to Hilton Head for Thanksgiving (brrr...) where Kyleigh developed another ear infection. Then Jonathan and I took off for a week to go to the Dominican Republic (very very nice and warm...) Then when we got back Kyleigh had an appointment with an ear, throat, nose doctor (who told us- yes she needed tubes asap). Then it was Christmas. My mom and Dad came down (where they checked out the new house before the floors were done). So after that, we close on the house (oh yea, happy birthday to Jonathan, too!). Then we were moving..Then Kyleigh got tubes in her ears on January 16th. (Nope we aren't finished yet...) she had a virus that causes her to vomit all day.. Then, we are waiting for the Internet guy to come to the house and cut on the Internet. While we are waiting I catch the same virus that Kyleigh had. Then the Internet was cut on Friday ( I know mom, they didn't actually CUT it on). TIRED, yet? One last thing...we also went to a birthday party for Kyleigh's cousin Madison, who is now 2 years old! WE have been very busy and are very tired! But as most everyone knows we can't slow down. Our schedules are very hectic and AWESOME! I love our very CRAZY life!