Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day!!!!

Happy Labor Day! What a great 3 day holiday! Our weekend started out where I received a phone call from our babysitter that Kyleigh had thrown up. So, i left school 30 minutes early...boss lady said no prob... and rush home. Only to find my "sick" daughter running around outside while the babysitter tried to get the throw up out of her car. She had gotten a little too hot was all. Anyway, the weekend went much better. On Saturday we went shopping for food and then out to Red Lobster with Nana and Paw paw. Very fun... Then on Sunday we went to Helen with Scott, Erin, Sloane, and bay Ethan. The girls had fun watching their Daddies try to fish. They also played on the playground and ate ice cream. Mommy tried to start the grill.. not much success. The man at the table next to us had to start it (the Daddies were off buying fishing stuff). Then today we did nothing but buy plants at Home Depot and hang out at the house...

Here are some pictures from Sunday: