Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So, Easter was over a week ago, I know. But life here at our house has been busy. Because of the snow day months ago the county has asked that the entire staff make up the eight hours by the end of April. they told us this on April 9th. Nice.

Easter at Nana's was fun. There was an Easter Egg hunt and Kyleigh jumped on the trampoline. Or tried to jump. She doesn't pick both feet up at once. Very cute.
Last Saturday, Jonathan, Kyleigh and I went to May Day at Brenau University. Brenau is one of the few all women's colleges left. I enjoyed going there while I was in college and enjoy going back to see all of my sorority sisters. Kyleigh likes to go because it is a new place to play. One she doesn't see that often. You can see her and Sloane sitting by the fountain. That fountain has been visited by all of the girls engaged while at Brenau. Its a tradition to throw the newly engaged girl in the fountain for good luck. My friend Erin made the dunk 1 week prior to my dunk. Her daughter is Sloane. Sloane is only 8 months older than Kyleigh. At May day, we also get to go to a party and the Zeta house, where Kyleigh likes to ride the zebra statues.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter, Part 1

Today was the beginning of the Easter holiday for us! We dyed eggs this mornings and then went for a hunt in the afternoon at Nanny's. That is Jonathan's Dad's side of the family. Tomorrow we will do it all over again Jonathan's Mom's side of the family. Nana's is always so much fun! Lots of food and way to many people. Here are some pictures from today.

Kyleigh and Madison after the egg hunt was over. They wanted to try every candy in their basket!

Kyleigh hunting eggs.

Kyleigh was trying to eat her eggs as they came out of the dye.

This is Kyleigh dying her Easter eggs.