Saturday, January 23, 2010

Piper's 1st birthday party, Kyleigh's 1st trip to Chuck E> Cheese's and more...

It's been awhile so there is lots to share. At the beginning of the month we went to our newphew's 6t birthday party (Piper's first party) at a Jumpy place. Kyleigh's loves these parties very much! Piper looked around and slept some while we were there. I had deceided after christmas that Kyleigh needs NO more toys. So, with that descicion I refuesed to be part of teh problem in other households- we bought GAGE two books instead of toys for his birthday. I know- it is such a teacher thing.

Then yesterday we decided to take Kyleigh to Chuck E. Cheese's for the first time. I know you will be so surprised to hear the she LOVED it! she loved the slide and all the games. She earned 124 tickets and picked out a microphone, two bracelets, and two lollipops as her prizes. She even shared her lollipops and bracelets with Piper. She did she very happy when we told her she was a good big Sissy but that Piper was too little for those toys.

Kyleigh is having SOOOO much FUN!!!!!!
Unfortunately I am on the countdown to return to work. BOO HOO! I have been receiving emails on a regular basis about one of my students from the sub. Needless to say- he will be less than excited to see me. Although, I don't remember him being QUITE this much of a handful when I was there. But she is "just the sub" in their minds. I know they miss me- in fact Jonathan gets an earful every once in a while from one of my parents (he works with the Dad). This student has a countdown calendar next to her bed- counting the days until I return (in a good way- she can't wait)! That's all for now! Enjoy the pictures!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Grandma's, gingerbread, and Christmas....

My two babies looking out the window.
Kyleigh likes to tell Piper what they see.

Christmas was GREAT ! They got tons of toys!

See my new camera?!

Oh, how time flies! I can not believe that it is January already! In December we were very busy. After Santa's visit my mother (Grandma) came to stay for awhile. We went to see her mother (Grandmother) up in Lavonia. We also made a Gingerbread House while Grandma was here. Then it was Christmas. Then it was Jonathan's birthday. He turned 29. (he he...) we captured all sorts of cute pictures. Some of them Kyleigh even took with the camera.