Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Darn the Ear infection...

So, Kyleigh went back to the doctor today and low and behold...she has another double ear infection! They put her on a medicine I can't pronounce, cefdinir. It smells like bubble gum. She like it so far. I don't know what we are going to do with her poor ears. I know that both he Daddy and I had horrible trouble with our ears. She is just so sweet.. Poor thing is miserable. But the doc did give us the okay to alternate Tylenol and Motrin every four hours for the next two days to help ease the pain until the med takes full effect! Keep her in your thoughts today. she did get weighed while there and she weigh 25 lbs! Good Grief! She is growing up so FAST!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Kyleigh at the fair

So, over the weekend the family and I went to the fair. Kyleigh was only tall enough to ride 2 rides. The merry go around and some Dumbo flying ride. She did not enjoy either. So we walked around the animals and laughed at the cows, goats, and oxen...yes oxen! Then we spotted a real live pony ride! Which I couldn't resist when she started pointing and saying "Puppy! Puppy!" So, Daddy walked beside her and I took a ton of pictures! Her pony was the smallest one out there! She loved it as long as the pony was moving.

Monday, September 8, 2008

kyleigh and the horrible ear infection/virus

Okay, so today was not a wonderful day. Kyleigh had a little bit of a temperature yesterday. I gave her some Motrin and it went down. I took her to Bright Start in the morning and left for work. She was very sleepy but no fever. I get a call at 1:40ish today from her teacher. Kyleigh has a fever of 101.5 can I please come pick her up. I call Amy to see if she is in Winder and can pick her up. I find that Amy is right across the street picking up her middle schooler because he has a fever of 102. GREAT! Well, I of course can never leave school before 3:30 ish- even when I am trying to. When I go to pick her up from Amy's I discover that her teacher told Amy that she had runny stools twice today. Hello?! Should that have been mentioned at 1:40?! So, I call the doctor and she says restrict her diet, call if temperature moves to 104 or higher. (god bless Dr. Martin- as much as I call her she tells me I am not the parent that she groans when a message is left for her.) So, Jonathan is taking a day off tomorrow to stay with her because Kyleigh can't return to school for 24 hours. geez! Which I totally understand , by the way. I just want to stay home with her. But, I can't - we have CoGAT testing tomorrow and I want that $100 gift card visa at the end of the year. We'll see... Just keep Kyleigh in your thoughts as well fall into...the dreaded ear infection stage!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Double Ear infection, Where have you been?

Well, it has finally happened. The baby has her first double ear infection. My husband and i got them all the time when we were little, so we were just waiting for the shoe to come crashing down on our babies head! We went to Daytona Beach to visit the grandparents over Labor Day weakened. And she just seemed to get so cranky all of a sudden. So, I left work a teeny bit early and we visited Dr. Martin ( who I happen to think is the best doctor EVER!) She looked in right away and said "OOOH, this is the real deal! We need some amoxicillin." Then as she was filling out the prescription she told me, don't worry if she develops a rashj. It happens sometimes on this med. Well, Kyleigh has been on the amoxicillin for 2 days and still no rash! Too bad it could poop up on day 5! Nothing else big is happening. I am swamped with the new school year, but the kids are great! Jonathan is tired, as usual. And we are still waiting to hear back from the loan officers about the new house! Cross your fingers!