Sunday, July 26, 2009

Big girl now....

Tomorrow is the official last day of summer for me and my daughter. Both of us are very upset. Our summer always seems shorter than everyone else's. Although my husband points out that most people DON"T have a SUMMER. Poo on that!
So, Kyleigh is a BIG girl now. She has traded in her crib for a full sized big kid bed. Tonight will be her first sleep in it, but she really enjoyed jumping on it earlier today. She also discovered that she can fit under it too!
Piper's room has really come together today, since Kyleigh relinquished her furniture. Makes it seem really close- I know we have 4 more months though.
Life is good here- well Gov. Purdue decided that teachers would be furloughed for 3 days before Xmas. Which is okay, because it looks like my county might cut out the 2 days before Thanksgiving Break! That means 2 less sick days for me to turn in for baby leave.
Keep us in your thoughts as Kyleigh and I make the transition back to working people! BOO!!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Surf, Sand, Sun and a score of sadness...

Our family went to Daytona Beach, Fl this week. We visited my parents, played on the beach with Nana, Paw Paw and Aleisha. While we were there Jonathan and I came to a very important decision. The name of our newest family member. Piper Elaine will arrive in late November. In the midst of our vacation we heard sad news of Missy and Ryan's passing. This news only seemed to make the few precious days we had at the beach all the more important. We laughed harder, played longer, and worried about nothing- other than our family and the time we had together.

Some of you knew Jonathan and I were expecting. As I look at these pictures of my self in my swimsuit- I realized I better say something or people will think I swallowed a watermelon. So, for now please keep our family and Missy and Ryan's in your thoughts and prayers.