Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Break, yet?

Here in Georgia we are very confused. It can be 80 degrees for a few days and then rainy and 55 degrees. We would just like a stable temp please. Kyleigh's nose gets unstuffed only to get stuffed again when it gets colder. In the midst of all the bad economy, I have signed my contract for another year at my wonderful elementary. Our team will be changing a little bit but, change happens. We will miss the ones we are losing. We are also in the countdown for CRCT. If you don't know the CRCT is this horrible standardized test that places undue pressure on the kids and us. Any way, there are 7 school days remaining until the TEST begins. Stressed? Nah, no here!
Kyleigh is beginning to talk more and more each day. She looked at our dog, Memphis, Sunday and said "Sit, Memphis. Dumb dog." (You can tell she was hanging out with Nana). She then started giggling. She also helped Nana plant her tomatoes (okay- she shoveled dirt from the pile into a bucket, he shoes, and her shirt). Jonathan's work has been crazy but going okay. Which means we are all healthy and have jobs, thank the lord! I will put pictures on next time. Kyleigh is getting so big!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

No school due to...SNOW

Yep you read it right! School was cancelled yesterday due to snow. Our area of Georgia received 4 to 6 inches of Snow Sunday! We discovered that our new neighbors love to sled (on boogie boards- that's how we do it in the south)! And that Kyleigh likes the long as she doesn't have to walk in it or TOUCH it. Here are some pictures of yesterday and Sunday!The one in the middle is our new house. What you can't really see is the full basement it is sitting on! Enjoy!